About Me...


I'm a painter! Mostly I'm an oil painter, though I've been known to use just about any medium available at a given moment.

I Love to paint. It's pretty much all I want to do.
I Love to paint the world around me and lots of beautiful things — and I Love that a lot of my peeps seem to really Love my paintings of our beautiful world and the beautiful things in it!

There is nothing really special about me, I'm just painter who paints... just about anything, just about all the time. 

P.S. I’m a bit of a formalist — my world is made up of line, color, shape, form, structure, composition and plasticity. And, while I paint from observation, the subject of the painting is not my objective. The process of painting is my objective — the process of how to best use the medium, often oil paint, to create and subjugate form on the two dimensional surface of the canvas.

Jenn Hallgren is a contemporary Philadelphia-based Artist who paints Landscapes,

Gardenscapes and Stilllifes

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