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Painting Classes​​—Oil or Acrylic


4-week Oil Painting Class:

Come paint with me—an award winning artist and experienced art instructor. 

Next sessions begin July 1, Choose your days:

  • Monday & Wednesday 6-9:00PM, four-weeks (July 1-July 24)

  • Tuesday & Thursday 10AM-1:00PM, four-weeks (July 2-July 25)

Cost: $350 for 4 weeks/8 classes—thats only $44/per session, and includes all materials needed during class! (Thats a $200+ savings).

Prerequisites: None—all levels welcome

What to Bring: No need to bring anything at all—you can paint from one of three still life set ups, or bring a photo of what you would like to begin with.

Where: My studio — 915 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 

What's Provided: Class cost includes everything needed during session (easel, smock, daily palette with paints, use of brushes, and 18x24” canvas). No need to invest in materials and lug them to and from!

Event Overview: “Every artist was once an amateur” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). Some just need a little more coaxing to get started. This course focuses on the development of observational skills and painting techniques. The goal of this class is to learn about painting, have a little fun, and create your own custom masterpiece. 

The Experience: Class will be run like a private instructing session.

  • Small class size (no more than 5 painters)

  • Learn the basics of oil/acrylic painting—or perfect your skills, practice makes perfect!

  • We begin each class by discussing a few of the fundamentals to get everyone started

  • I’ll stop by to offer tips and ideas throughout the class

  • You will learn and develop the skills of painting in a casual and friendly atmosphere

  • The great thing about taking a class with me is that I will be painting right along side of you

Critiques and discussions on contemporary topics in art are integrated into each session.


  1. You need talent to paint. FACT: There is no such thing as a person without artistic abilities. The first step is to master the techniques fundamental to good painting (value, light, color theory, motion and rest, etc.), but like any skill worth learning, painting takes years of hard work and practice.

  2. Painting should be easy. (Says who, your third-grade school Art Teacher?) FACT: Learning to paint takes time and effort. Picasso may make it look easy, but that ‘ease’ comes through years of hard work and practice!

  3. My paintings must be perfect. (Talk about an unrealistic goal!) FACT: It takes time to learn to paint. If you think that each painting must be perfect, you’ll find yourself not even wanting to start. Instead, look at each new painting as a learning opportunity—you’ll begin to learn from each mistake and each mistake will become easier to solve the next time around. 

  4. Still Life is boring/dead. FACT: Painting is about observation. It involves thinking abstractly. Rather than looking at each object, one must observe how light, value, color, space, edge, etc. work together to give form.

  5. More colors = better painting. FACT: Learning the personal characteristics of each color in a limited palette—how it behaves, what colors to mix with, etc.—provides unity in the final surface. As Matisse states: "A colorist makes his presence known even in a simple charcoal drawing." 

Your Instructor: An award winning artist and experienced art instructor, Jenn’s official training includes a BFA in Painting with a minor in Art History (2000), as well as numerous art classes throughout the world. 

I love to paint, I love to teach, and look forward to painting with you in one of my classes!

Jenn Hallgren is a contemporary Philadelphia-based Artist who paints Landscapes,

Gardenscapes and Stilllifes

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