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Purchase a Painting

Great Choice...

For about the price of a good couch, you can have an original oil painting (that will last forever)!


It's is also a fabulous gift for a loved one — a gift that they will remember throughout the year (and for the rest of their life), each and every time they see it on their wall.

To purchase a painting visit https://www.zatista.com/artist/jenn-hallgren or 

SaatchiArt.com/JennHallgrenArtist or contact me via the form below and we'll set a time for you to stop by my studio!

NOTE: BUSINESS and/or SALESPEOPLE, PLEASE DO NOT contact me at my studio ... ​(Come on guys, I'm trying to paint).

Jenn Hallgren is a contemporary Philadelphia-based Artist who paints Landscapes,

Gardenscapes and Stilllifes

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